About This Site

Hey there. This page will describe the when, why, what and how of this domain. Thanks for stopping to view it in awe.

When was this created?

It is now January 2007. The site is going through a fairly substatial overhaul. There are many reasons for this. The last time I did much of an update was many years ago. Also, my current employment status feels a bit shakey right now due to my employer moving from California to North Carolina.

Why do you expend this effort?

Much of the reason for me working on this site is to keep my web based skills at least functional if not expert. The primary intended user is me. I use this site as most people use their home pages: as an online bookmark list. However, I want it to look better than just a long list of links. I want it to be a bit more organized and hopefully, accessible (ie: access keys and potentially some aural hints).

What is so special?

For this update, I'm moving the pages into RapidWeaver. This is an Mac OS X tool that generates the pages. It generates very clean code which for me is very important. This update will use a predefined theme purchased from one of the many vendors that sell themes for this tool, Rapid Weaver Themes.

What Next?

I may also create an RSS feed so that anyone interested (if there is actually such a person :-) ) can automatically be notified when there is an update to the site.
The next update will most likely involve me creating a theme of my own. That will include some graphics that have yet to be created as well as some techniques to allow the site to be useful on many clients. Due to differing implementations of CSS in the major browsers, this site may look different depending on how you access it, but it should be fully functional regardless.
The next step will be a php/mysql based system for setting up rafting trips. I'm hoping that if I can setup some type of system that lets my friends easily organize trips, I may have an easier time joining and organizing them myself.

How did you make it?

As I said before, I'm using RapidWeaver from Real Mac Software. This site is best viewed using a browser that supports the W3C standards for XHTML, XML and CSS. A browser based on the Gecko rendering engine will have excellent support for these standards. The Gecko engine is produced by the Mozilla foundation. It is used in their Firefox browser and their Mozilla Browser Suite (which are available for most widely used operating systems), as well as others specifically designed for Apple's OS X operating system.