As you may have guessed, I like programming. I picked up the moniker about 20 years ago when I was the whole of both the IT and Development departments. After joining my current company (way back in 1988), I didn't use the title until a couple of years doing work on an AS/400. I was pretty good at it. I picked up the domain during this time and started playing around with web stuff.

I have since moved on to PC and web programming. Since there is such a wide variety of skills on this platform, there are not many people who can claim a title of "Ace", but I continue to strive to improve and broaden my skills.

Over the last few years, I've been doing tech support. Overall, I've spent the last 19 years at the same company. You can follow the link, but it's currently a pretty poor website.

I'm now working on beefing up and solidifying my skillset because they've moved the headquarters from sunny California to Rainy North Carolina. I still have a job out here, but it's not clear how long that may last. Things are starting to look up, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.