About the Ace

And now the answer to the most important question:
Just who is this guy? Easy answer? I'm Nick.
For more answers, you'll have to peruse the rest of this page.

Me as me
I have this view of the world that helps me get through the days. Some people have a self-image of themselves as a whole. Me? I have multiple images. No, I'm not schizophenic, I have different images for each part of my life. I have an image of my self as a worker, as a person, as a father, as a husband, etc.

The trick is to manage the balance between them. If I took my job as a father and only did that, what kind of model would I be presenting to my son? I have to let him know that, as important as he is, there is also a me, and I have an intrinsic value as well. There is more to life than just one thing, whether that is father, son, husband, worker, rafter or whatever.

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or send input using my about You page. I like reading, although I haven't had as much time for it as I'd like for it recently. I like sci-fi, some fantasy, and more recently I've picked up an interest in history. I've always had an interest in comparative religions, but you can take that (and history) so far as to use up any free time you have. I don't choose to go out to the movies much anymore. Between having Nikos and the complete over-charging that the motion picture industry is forcing, I just can't. Not that they are the only ones. All of the big entertainment industries are pushing the limits of reality, I mean really, 70-120+ years for a copyright, 19.99 for CD, 10.00 for a movie? Who pays for that?