Family man. How do I do it?

Me as a husband

Nicole Like myself, my wife Nicole is a whitewater raft guide. That was pretty much a requirement, since I'd never see her otherwise. Sometimes things get a little tough, especially when trying to balance this with other stuff. She places a little too much emphasis on the "mommy" job, but that's just the way it is.
On the weekend of Aug 22/23 1998, we ran the Middle Fork of the American. During a side hike up Canyon Creek, we jumped off from a ledge into one of the many pools on the creek, and I asked her to marry me while we were falling. She said "Yes" before we hit the water. It was very cool. Talk about taking the plunge! Wedding Day I didn't have a ring at the time, so she wanted me to give her the ring in another romantic setting. During the week of Sep 13-18 we were on vacation in Belize. Most of the time we were scuba diving, but on one day we went to see some Mayan ruins. While standing on top of the largest of the Xunantunich pyramid ruins, I gave her the ring. The view was spectacular!
We got hitched on April 24th, 1999. It was a beautiful day and so many of our friends were there. We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon.

Me as a father

Nikos Programming Nikos was born late summer in 2000. He's a great kid. A tad headstrong, but what 4 year old isn't. But enough about him. What does that mean to me? I usually have a pretty good time as a father. I think I'm doing a pretty decent job, but sometimes I think I might be a little more stubborn than he is. In any case, I'm just rolling along doing the best I can without losing myself in that job. Nicole and I will occasionally go to a parents meeting at his school. I think the biggest benefit is learning that a lot of other kids are behaving the same as Nikos.
One of the more fun things about Nikos is how much fun he has doing some of the same things that we do. He loves to go camping. He'll wander around the camp looking for interesting things. I like to just walk around behind him to see what types of things he'll see. He likes to raft and has been on several overnight trips. I have an interesting time trying to convice him to grow up, as he is so concerned about losing the ability to be the little kid.