What good are hugs

  • There is no such thing as a bad hug, only good ones... and Great ones
  • They're not fattening, and they don't cause cancer, or cavities
  • They're all natural, with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, or pesticide residue
  • They're cholesterol free, naturally sweet, and 100% wholesome
  • They're a completely renewable resource
  • They don't require batteries, tune-ups, or x-rays
  • They're non-taxable, fully exchangeable, and energy efficient
  • They're safe in all kinds of weather. In fact, they're especially good for cold or rainy days
  • They're exceptionally effective in treating problems like bad dreams, or the Monday Blahs
  • Hugs are free to give and free to get
  • There is no minimum age requirement
  • You can never get hurt by giving a hug
  • You can give someone a hug anytime... day or night
  • There are also many different types of hugs:
    • Hugs of sadness
    • Hugs of joy
    • Loose hugs with a kiss on the cheek
    • Big bear hugs
    • A pat on the back hug
    • A one on one hug
    • A giant pull your shoulders out of your sockets group hug
  • You can hug hello
  • You can hug goodbye
  • You can hug a human
  • You can hug a pet
  • You can hug a stuffed toy
  • You can hug a tree
  • You can even hug yourself
  • Hugs can warm you from the cold
  • They can comfort you when you're scared
  • You can hug while you dance
  • You can hug while you sleep
  • There is no time limit on giving a hug
  • Hugs never go out of style
  • There is no restriction on how many hugs you can give
  • Hugs cross all racial, sexual, personality, and age boundries
  • Hugs are love, hugs are caring, Hugs just feel GOOD
  • Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone you could hug today! :)

       ___                  ____                  ___      
  ____(   \              .-'    `-.              /   )____ 
 (____     \_____       /  (O O)   \       _____/     ____)
(____            `-----(     )      )-----'            ____)
 (____     _____________\  .____,  /______________     ___)
  (______/               `-.____.-'               \______) 

   *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*         *Hug*         
   *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*      *Hug* *Hug* 
   *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*     *Hug* 
   *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug* 
   *Hug**Hug**Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*   *Hug* 
   *Hug**Hug**Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*   *Hug*   *Hug* *Hug* 
   *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug*     *Hug*    *Hug      *Hug* 
   *Hug*     *Hug*     *Hug*   *Hug*      *Hug*   *Hug* 
   *Hug*     *Hug*      *Hug* *Hug*        *Hug* *Hug* 
   *Hug*     *Hug*         *Hug*              *Hug*